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Pressure transmitters resistant to thermal shock


Pressure transmitters with wear-free ceramic CERTEC® measuring cells can compensate for temperature shocks


In the food industry the measurement task of level and pressure sensors becomes fundamental to assure the high productive standards. An innovative production line with precise filling technology had a systematic error in the production cycle of vegetable broths. The error was caused by the measured value of a pressure transmitter during the production process of vegetable broths. The level measurement dropped again and again within seconds. The same error always occurred whenever large quantities of frozen vegetables were dosed into boiling water. This was triggered by a temperature shock. Pressure transmitter with ceramic cell was used in the process because of its high mechanical robustness. Ceramic is however sensitive to extreme, spontaneous temperature fluctuations. 

With the VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter VEGA is offering the first ceramic measuring cell capable of handling temperatures of 150°C with 200 times overload resistance. Especially when it comes to hygienic applications, this innovative pressure transmitter offers the best of both worlds: the chemically resistant CERTEC® high-performance ceramic material withstands extreme temperatures and is so robust that even abrasive particles in liquids cannot damage it. This also includes frozen vegetables in clear soup. But VEGABAR 82 can do much more: it easily compensates for the extreme temperature changes that occur during pasteurisation or during CIP and SIP cleaning cycles. This is made possible by a second temperature sensor built into the measuring cell. It complements the standard temperature sensor on cell body, by measuring and outputting a rapid reaction compensating value. It is located against the rear face of the diaphragm in an exposed, yet absolutely flush position within the glass seam: here, directly behind the ceramic diaphragm, it doesn’t miss even the slightest change in temperature. Thanks to a special algorithm that uses the difference between the two measurements, the ceramic sensor is able to totally compensate for temperature shocks.

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