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NTE Process: let's work together on the recipe for your success

From coffee to flours, but also cocoa and premixed products for cakes, ice creams and energy bars: conveying the processing of food products is a vast and complex world, in which the respect for the raw materials is essential in order to preserve the characteristics of products.

NTE Process is the Single Solution Provider of turnkey plants with process solutions that cover all the needs of companies in the food sector: from dense phase conveying to air mixing but also liquid injection, in-line formulation and packaging. Technologies that can be "touched by hand" on a 1:1 scale at the Research and Innovation Centre located in Pessano con Bornago (Milan).

The NTE Process dense phase conveying system uses the Air Assists® M366 and the innovative Artificial Intelligence Air Assists® M533, patented compressed air or nitrogen injection systems that are positioned along the pipeline.

Air Mixer M244 and Jetmixer® M531, through the use of compressed air or nitrogen pulses gently move the product, until reaching homogeneous mixing, no dead zones, possibility of additive with liquids and at the same time allowing rapid production changeover.

In order to meet the need of conditioning food products such as drying and cooling but also of injection of perfumes, aromas and liquid additives, the Jetmixer® M537 air mixing unit combines with the M535 Liquid Injection Skid which allows to manage up to six different liquids to be injected one for each air valve thus limiting the contamination of the batches with different aromas.

NTE Process offers solutions to drive its customers to custom made and special applications, such as coffee degassing, always through the use of the M537 Jetmixer® Lab Unit as a degassing unit and at the same time as a blending unit for powder or liquid additives avoiding downtime.

One of the flagship solutions of NTE Process is the Wonderbatch® patented technology that allows the formulation of recipes avoiding the risk of contamination between individual batches, allowing the in-line change between one bag and another, increasing production with parallel processes by up to 300%.

The Parallel Processing technology ends with the transfer of the product to the packaging. In this phase, the right technology is Auger Filler, composed of two hinged parts that, by complete opening, allows to simplify maintenance and cleaning.

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