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Wine, Vinventions: 2.8 billion corks sold in 2020, at 2019 levels despite a difficult context


2.8 billion closures sold in 2020, thanks in particular to Italy, France, Germany and Argentina, as well as a solid performance in the United States. Vinventions, leader in wine closure solutions, showed stable sales results with an actual turnover in line with 2019, but with a growing EBITDA (+ 2.5%). A noteworthy performance in light of the impact of the health crisis on the wine market.

Europe: a stable market

With over 1.9 billion closures sold in Europe in 2020, Vinventions achieved sales volumes in line with 2019 (-0.1%), despite the health crisis that rocked the continent in 2020. Wine business decreased on average by 10% in terms of volume and by 15 to 20% in terms of value on the main markets (source: OIV based on customs data, 2020), for Denis Van Roey, CEO of the Vinventions group, this is "a solid performance that reflects resilience and rewards our operations and the efforts of all our production and sales teams, who have maintained our excellent service, making it possible to reassure our European customers, particularly in Italy and Germany, where we recorded the strongest annual growth of the group in Europe ”.

Italy on the rise

With 465 million caps in total, Italy recorded two important growth signals for Vinventions products in 2020. The first concerns the top of the range Nomacorc Green Line caps, namely the “Select Green” and “Reserva” caps. The technical characteristics of these innovative products, both in terms of performance and their sustainability, are increasingly appreciated and serve more and more great wines. The second concerns the screw cap, and is mainly due to exports and large-scale distribution which ensured most of the wine sales during the lockdowns.

751 million closures sold in France

55% of closures sold in France, Vinventions' main European market, belong to the Nomacorc Green Line, the range of high performance closures that combines renewable raw materials of biological origin with the consistency of coextrusion technology. Globally, Nomacorc recorded a 5% decline in volume, due to the strong impact of the pandemic on the turnover of the small wineries to which the Green Line is particularly targeted.

A boost in USA

Vinventions recorded a slight growth (+ 2%) on the American continent. “Our customer portfolio is particularly strong in this region. This allowed us to benefit from the increase in wine consumption during the block. The flexibility of our production facilities and the application of strict sanitary measures have allowed us to continue the demand from our customers ”. For Denis Van Roey, "this situation has clearly strengthened relationships with our customers".


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Continuous international development for screw caps

The screw cap category is booming in the Vinventions range, with sales growth of 21% between 2019 and 2020. This growth, above industry levels, was possible thanks to the rapid and successful launch of the new production unit in Celle Enomondo (Italy) at the end of 2019.

+ 48% growth on the world stage for SÜBR sales.

This success confirms the growing market penetration of SÜBR, the first micro-natural closure, produced using cork granules but without polyurethane contamination or cork scent, strengthening its position on the closure market. These results confirm Vinventions' innovation strategy for new types of closures, meeting the expectations of the sector in terms of performance and sustainable development.


For 2021, in a global market where uncertainty remains, Vinventions is aiming for moderate growth, supported by important new innovations regarding the use of recycled plastics in the Nomacorc range and the printing of screw caps. The growth will also be provided by the expansion of production capacities for SÜBR closures and screw caps.

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