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Deimos Food launches Evolutia®


Evolutia® is a new brand born from the idea of Deimos Food "evolving" the concept of bakery, thanks to the deep knowledge of the single raw materials and ingredients, to the many tests carried out to find synergic effects between them and the possibility to produce finished baked products for final evaluation 

What does Evolutia®?
• Develops functional blends which aim to solve the most common technical challenges in Bakery products 
• Produces functional blends easily applicable by using mainly "clean label", organic and sustainable ingredients

Where Evolutia®has been developed?
Deimos is strongly committed in the realization of this new “evolution”. To reach this objective a fully equipped internal application laboratory has been installed   to implement the “know-how” of the team and to replicate on small scale the production conditions of our customers 

Areas of Application
Evolutia® covers 4 macro-areas: Preservation, Texture, Leavening and Flours correction, and for each of them, has developed blends with different functional ingredients:

1 - Preservation: EVOL CONS (Conventional and Gluten free)
To prevent spoilage and to keep products as long as possible edible and safe, is an important issue also for Bakery products.   Deimos Food offers “clean label" solutions in cooperation with innovative   European companies specialized in controlled fermentations.  The Evolutia® R&D team is devoted to study and apply the best solution in terms of natural preservatives to remove the most common "E" numbers from bakery products such as Bread, Pizza, Sponge cake and others 

To obtain and to keep during time the desired Texture in different Bakery product is always a major challenge for the producers. The Evolutia® range includes different clean label   solutions to optimize and to keep   the softness of products like Panettone, Sponge Cake, Christmas Cake, but also to reach the desired crunchiness and friability of Cookies, Breadsticks, Pizzas, Snacks 

"Flavor" and "Taste" in bread can make the difference in a market where consumers would like to find the old and traditional sensory experience of artisanal breads also in industrial breads. The Evolutia® R&D team has developed, thanks to the collaboration with   an advanced Italian   Bio-Tech company, new combination of Yeasts that allow the final producer to create products with distinctive sensory properties without affecting the leavening properties and the productivity 

The milling sector is always looking for "clean label" solutions to balance the variability of flours throughout the year. In partnership with several mills, Deimos Food has created enzymatic improvers to stabilize the flours, in order to maintain the technological and rheological properties over time.

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