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The Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation looks to eco-design

The second edition of the 1st level Master Eco Packaging Design - Systemic Innovation Design for the Packaging Project starts under the aegis of the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation. The Foundation will support the organization of the Master in addition to funding two scholarships.

“The development of valuable professionalism for the packaging supply chain is one of the primary objectives of the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation. For the mentioned purpose, we are pleased to support the second edition of this Master. To develop a new ethical and sustainable design culture, it is essential to start from the new generations and involve all the stakeholders of the system. By working together and connected we can achieve the ambitious objectives to which we are called to respond”, declared the President Anna Paola Cavanna.

The Eco Packaging Design Master is a one-year training course that addresses the strategic and planning aspects of design, communication and sustainability in an interdisciplinary way. Packaging is, among the artefacts of the contemporary era, one of the most complex due to the transversality of the actors, the plurality of functions and the multiplicity of roles. The designer plays a fundamental role in taking into consideration the entire life cycle of packaging: not only its primary function but a complex ecosystem made up of social repercussions, relationships, messages to be transmitted, behaviours to be promoted. For this reason, the Master offers a mix of classroom teaching, design lab, workshops and internships in the company. The scientific coordinators of the course will be for the Polytechnic of Turin, Paolo Marco Tamborrini (Coordinator of the Master) and for the Foundation, Francesco Legrenzi (Director).

Period of development October 2021 - July 2022, deadline for registrations: September 9, 2021. For more information:


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The delivery of the diplomas of the Master first edition held in Turin last June.

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