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Enhancing sensory food experiences with natural colours

Today’s consumers think differently about the food they eat. More conscious of their health and wellbeing - and the world around them - than ever before, they are actively looking for natural, healthy ingredients with inherent health benefits. They are in search of products that go beyond great taste to do good and feel good for body, mind and planet. They are also prepared to pay a premium for naturally formulated products. 

One key factor differentiates foods perceived as healthy from those which aren’t: colour. Natural colours enhance the sensory experience of food and make it more enjoyable. Research shows we are also more likely to perceive natural colours, particularly blues and greens, as healthier. Consumers now want their food to reflect the fresh, vibrant hues of nature. Therefore, products which use plant and vegetable extracts and natural colours are seeing rising sales. 


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However, natural colourings are complex ingredients. To take full advantage of the increasing demand for clean-label products, food manufacturers need guaranteed solutions from experienced partners. Co-creation and collaboration, driven by wide-eyed thinking, reliable advice and ongoing support, is key to success. 

IMCD’s partnership with Givaudan is rooted in those principles, giving companies the knowledge, technology and expertise they need - throughout the supply chain – to inspire and bring the perfect, authentic, natural colour solutions to market” comments Riccardo Giacomessi, Business Unit Manager Food & Nutrition IMCD Italy.


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Givaudan’s Sense Colour range transforms natural colours into a multitude of creative solutions. From bold beetroot, to eye-catching carrot to bright blue spirulina derived from blue-green microalgae, we can offer a complete palette of clean label and naturally sourced solutions with full transparency and authenticity. 

Building on 25 years of experience, our specialist teams can help deliver vibrant colours in a wide array of applications—from cupcakes to healthy beverages to snacks and plant-based meat. As an example, the VegeBrite® colouring foodstuffs, produced exclusively from fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and algae, includes a yellow colour foodstuff that provides an ideal alternative to beta-carotene for clean label dairy, plant-based dairy and bakery products. 

Rely on experience: choose IMCD and Givaudan as your strategic partners for all your natural colouring needs.


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