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Leben Food: clean label mixes for pasta and meat


The consumtion of healthy and genuine food has oriented the food market towards the formulation of products that have as few ingredients as possible and that these ingredients are guarantee of naturalness and quality.

In this way, it will be possible to guarantee "clean-label" products to the final consumer: natural, allergen and additive-free and GMO-free.

Leben Food has developed several formulations in terms of clean labeling: the blends, suitable for both industrial and artisanal processing, are formulated trying to reduce as much as possible, or even to eliminate, the presence of additives, dyes and preservatives. The "clean label" does not subtract the consumer's sensory experience from the finished product: softness, texture and taste are guaranteed; on the contrary, the removal of additives gives the finished product greater naturalness in terms of flavor, enhancing the typical notes of “homemade”.

The Easymix for Premium Gnocchi fully responds to the customer's technological needs, maintaining a natural and "artisanal" organoleptic profile. The Premium formulation allows the user to obtain a stable product in the shelf life, with the great advantage of a clean label.

EASYMIX FRESCO CL is a blend that expertly calibrated natural ingredients allowing to extend shelf life of products. It is suitable for the production of sausages, minced meat and similar; it is appropriate for the enhancement of taste.

EASYMIX BURGER CL is composed of functional ingredients that allow a soft structure and natural ingredients in order to extend shelf life of products. Suitable for making, with a single product, a line of soft and tasty burgers and for flavoring the same dough with spices or other ingredients, thus enriching the offer.

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