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A reliable solution for very high viscosity products mixing!


Fristam products continuous innovation has led to further development of its mixing systems, adapting them to the needs of perfect homogeneity even in the production of very high viscosity mixtures. Fristam Powder Mixer PMD, are made by:

- Self-priming Double screw pump - Fristam FDS

- Shear pump Fristam FSP

This is a complete system, equipped with a table to guarantee the ergonomic handling of the powders. The self-priming Double screw pump - Fristam FDS is connected to the mixing pump. The powder is sucked and conveyed into the liquid flow to be absorbed and then homogenized with the high shear mixing pump. 

This system is able to handle very high viscous products and used to dissolve large quantities of powders in a very short time, with a capacity up to 15,000 kg/h and viscosities up to 100.000 cP. Applications: xanthan gum, pectin, arabic gum, CMC, Carrageenan band other thickening agents, such as starches and guar gum.

The hydration of stabilizers and thickeners, used in many soft drinks, is one of the most difficult mixing operations. Conventional agitation and mixing systems cannot handle due to the high viscosity of the product. With the Fristam PMD Powder Mixer, these preparations are feasible with simplicity, short processing times and perfect homogenization, ensuring batch repeatability and complete hydration. In addition, all systems are all CIP and SIP compatible.


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Since many years, Fristam mixing systems are used in the beverage, food and confectionery industry to have a perfect homogeneity of the final product and reduce production times up to 90% compared to traditional systems, such as tri-blenders or tanks with internal agitator.

In order to appreciate the improvements that the various mixing solutions can bring to the production processes, Fristam gives the opportunity to rent its own systems.

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