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The spring issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

Despite the fact that we have been discussing functional foods on this magazine for about 15 years and that the interest of research and market is constantly and strongly growing, there is a lack of a complete regulatory framework that partially contains its development. Sebastiano Porretta writes about this issue and the need for rules to also evaluate functional foods’ effectiveness.

We visited the first certified plant reserved for the gluten-free egg pasta production into the world, Taste Italy, and we interviewed CEO Oriana Pollio.

To the free from world we dedicate experts’ analyses and recipes, also in collaboration with FunnyVeg Academy, recent applied researches and new products. With the new feature Pasticceria Salutare we introduce you to the healthy dessert, for those with special dietary needs and who wants to keep fit, with Domenicantonio Galatà’s recipes and nutritional advices.

Focus on ironman nutrition, the nutrition and inflammation relationship, physiological mechanisms and pathology of food and pleasure, 10 recipes for 10 symptoms about the fibromyalgic patient.

Finally, we review the nutraceutical and novel foods and the most attractive international functional innovations based on the market trends and developments.

Here the preview of "Alimenti Funzionali

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