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High technology nature, with Amorim Cork Italia


A leader in the sale of cork caps, Amorim Cork Italia has always made substantial investments in the research and development of new technologies to ensure unique levels of sensory perfection, the secret of global success. In detail, it is the evolution of projects against TCA that continues to refine the excellence of these closures, thanks to a series of new systems available in the Amorim Cork Italia product range.

The company, in fact, has recently launched Xpur®, a highly sustainable and effective technology for the elimination of TCA and OFF FLAVOURS from technical caps made of micro-agglomerated cork. The process exploits CO2 in the supercritical state to cross the cork with a strong extraction, but always in balance with the concepts of purity and naturalness, as Amorim’s philosophy dictates.

At the same time, Amorim has introduced Naturity®, a state-of-the-art technology exclusively dedicated to sanitizing single-piece caps. This is a real revolution in the world of purification of single-piece natural cork closures because its extraction principle allows to remove not only the TCA from the cork but also over 150 sensory compounds potentially deviating in the wine evolution process, keeping the physical-mechanical performance of the caps unchanged.

Naturity®, represents the root of a high quality path that reaches maximum expression through NDtech®, a state-of-the-art technology that analyzes each individual stopper in electronic gas chromatography in a crescendo of perfection that is then perfectly matched with the superb wines enclosed by these seals. The same technology for individual analysis of the closures is also applied in the world of sparkling wine with Spark 02 NDtech®. The excellence in packaging has, therefore, both for still and sparkling wines the seal of Amorim Cork Italia: the safest ally for quality wines.

Choosing it means ensuring the highest sensory experience for its customers and at the same time charting a path of sustainable development thanks to caps with certified CO2 retention, but also with FSC forest certification, in a unique combination of science and respect.

Amorim Cork Italia
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