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Vegetable burgers: fresher for longer


Preventing the formation of yeasts and moulds is a major problem in preserving plant-based burgers.

Galimax Flavor F-50 is part of Galactic's Galimax clean label line of natural preservatives. They are direct products of acetic fermentations, mixtures of acetates and diacetates that promote the shelf life of finished products without altering their taste. They have a bacteriostatic and anti-mould action.

Thanks to the declaration "Basil Flavour", Galimax Flavor F-50 is suitable for many applications, including vegetable-based burgers, a tasty alternative dish not only for vegetarians and vegans.

With a dosage of 2%, it can maintain freshness and quality, extending shelf life naturally and inhibiting the formation of yeasts and moulds for much longer, up to 42 days - around 12 days longer than the normal shelf-life.

With its mild basil flavour, Galimax Flavor F-50 has a positive impact on the flavour profile of veggie burgers without changing their physico-chemical parameters, both before and after cooking.

Thanks to Galimax Flavor F-50, vegetable burgers will stay fresh, delicate and delicious for longer.

Galactic Galimax Flavor F-50 is distributed in Italy by Faravelli Food Division.
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