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Comparison between different kinds of flours.


Also known as Hong Kong flour, is special cake flour that is able to hold large amounts of liquid. It allows the flour to disperse very evenly through the batter. Evenly dispersed flour granules, more readily during baking, then tangle up with the egg proteins in the batter to create a very fine, tight mesh. This mesh is extremely strong and able to hold the cake up despite all the sugar.
This gives the cake produced a very soft crumb and a light, moist, fine texture. They are also sweeter, finer, have greater volume and a longer shelf life than cakes made with standard flour.

The usual way to produce a high ratio cake flour was by means of Chlorine treatment.

The treatment of soft wheat flour with chlorine gas was widely used since the 1920s and was used for the modification of the cake making properties of flours for many years in the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries. The functional effect of chlorination is partially de-polymerizing and oxidizing flour starch. Oxidized starch granules are able to swell more rapidly after the starch reaches the gelatinization temperature and the resulting batter system will be adequately viscous to support the cake’s structure without collapsing. 

The use of chlorination for cake flour treatment was withdrawn from the UK in 2000, but it remains permitted in other countries.
Alternatives to chlorine treatment needed to be developed because of the potential carcinogenic effect of chlorination.

VOMM has developed a specific single step thermal treatment for the production of this peculiar high ratio flour.


Vomm 22 05 2

VOMM Turbo-Reactor.


The application is always based on its own patented continuous Turbo-Technology allowing due to a strong but at the same time sensitive thermal treatment to obtain a final product with the same characteristic of chlorine flour.
The continuous Turbo-Technology working on turbulent thin film is able to provide high throughput compared with the equipment size, guaranteeing low energy consumptions.

This is just one of the several treatments it is able to carry out with the same line due to the amazing flexibility of this system, which allowed VOMM to install many plants worldwide.

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