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The summer issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

While the consumers’ interest in the well-being and multifunctional foods and drinks, rich in nutrients and “pseudo-drugs” grows, our magazine “Alimenti Funzionali” updates and informs you with the latest news in nutrition, health, fitness and beauty, including curiosities, expert insights and the most interesting international new functional products. And if the top concerns include strengthening immunity and reducing inflammation, losing weight and fitness, and improving mental health, in the summer issue we just feature these issues.

Concerning the free from, a trend with the best performance in the food sector, Tiziana Colombo explains how food intolerances and allergies are also defeated through a change of the understanding cooking way. In her recipe 'Terrine with ricotta, strawberries and raspberry coulis', she notes on ingredients and nutritional functions. Rossanina Del Santo and Domenicantonio Galatà write about celiac disease and functional drinks and healty pastry, respectively.

We interview Alessandro Panaccione, CEO of Anderson Research; we publish veg recipes (in collaboration with the Funny Veg Academy) and a special food safety.

Here the preview of "Alimenti Funzionali"

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