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Farine e grani di legumi (Vomm).


In a world that is collapsing, where population rises and demographics change, the world needs more food and people are consuming more protein. This puts pressure on finite natural resources and contributes to climate change and related risks, as limited arable land and production yields fail to meet increased demand.

We must do something now, before it is too late.

We can build a more just food system helping the Earth to recover strength and that instructs the new generations to respect our planet.

We need to think a new way to feed the world, developing innovative proteins and ingredients, as the building blocks for tomorrow’s food.

A better food system may start with new ancient resources: the legumes.

The farming of this staple food allows to decrease the amount of CO2 produced, of water used and land needed, providing a high protein, starch, minerals and fiber source, low saturated fat and with no cholesterol. 

Exist several kinds of pulses such as: pea, lentil, fava bean, chickpea, etc. from each it is possible to obtain flour, protein concentrate, protein hydrolyzate. protein isolate, with different percentage of protein from 12% to until 90%, comparable with animal protein source as whey and eggs.

The only restriction in the legume consumption is the bitter taste due to the presence volatile substances linked to the high protein content, limiting the array of applications.

VOMM is the solution of this topic, it has developed a peculiar equipment based on its own patented continuous Turbo-Technology on turbulent thin film for the de-bittering and the de-flavoring of legume derivatives.


Vomm 22 07 1

(VOMM double step line)


Thanks to the double step line, VOMM’s plant is able to remove the substances responsible for unpleasant flavor. In the first module, is added steam and water at high temperature, in the second step is carried out the thermal treatment in order to remove water added previously, reaching any level of final humidity, stabilizing and pasteurizing the product and increasing its shelf-life. If desired, the product can be toasted improving its taste, flavor and texture obtaining a crunchier final product.

We have already installed big industrial lines in America and Canada with amazing results and we are carrying on important projects in Europe.

VOMM makes available its know-how, its test room, its technicians, in order to help their customers, develop their products and markets.

Pick VOMM, follow the change.

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