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NutriMI 2017: the evolution of human nutrition

On April 20th and 21st, Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan will host NutriMI 2017, the Forum of Nutrition Practice CME (Continuing medical education) that for 11 years gathers the specialists in the field of Food and Nutrition. This year it will give wide space to the topic of the evolution of human nutrition and the factors that influence it: the so-called “anti-inflammatory” diet, the latest studies regarding the metabolism and the role of the media in influencing the choice of the diet.


Diet and inflammation: how are tied/linked together? 

One of the topics that will be discuss at the Forum will be dedicated to inflammation: how are influenced by our diet? How to prevent them? How to cure them? The specialists will investigate which foods and bioactive elements are the basis of a “anti-inflammatory” diet, but also on how to modulate the effects of chronic diseases through a targeted diet. 


Is it possible to control the metabolism to achieve a weight loss?

The concept of “metabolism of energy” is often at the center of attention, especially when we talk about diet. The analysis will be focus on the different aspects of metabolism of energy: from the way in which the metabolism changes during the weigh-loss to the analysis of the latest news about the role of micronutrients in the regulation of the metabolism of energy.


The role of media in education “health”

Nutrition education is increasingly linked to the world of media and social that, if it transmits erroneous or unclear messages, it could lead to potentially harmful health consequences. That’s why it is important that the media know how to promote the right habits and the correct lifestyle.


Scientific partners at NutriMI 2017

There will be three scientific societies: Sinu, Italian Society of Human Nutrition, Andid, National Association of Dietitians, and Sinupe, Italian Society of Pediatric Nutrition. 


For information and subscription: www.nutrimi.it 



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