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Vegetarian and vegan diets? Pros and cons revelaled by experts at NutriMI 2017

Recently, people who have decided to adopt a vegetarian or vegan dieta has increased: the Eurispes Report 2017 revealed that almost 2 million people do not eat animal protein and, within this group, the number of vegans has tripled compared with 2016. The reasons of this choice are different: 30% is against the animal’s sufferance, 12% justifies its choice with environmental awareness and 46,7% says that they want to take care of their health.


The health effects are the protagonist of some studies that will be presented at NutriMI, the Practice Nutrition Forum that will take place in Milan, at Palazzo delle Stelline, in April 20th and 21st

Prof. Francesco Sofi, Department of Experimental Medicine and University Hospital of Florence, has analyzed several studies to understand whether the veg diets may offer a higher protection from chronic diseases and what is the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Mrs Lucia Baldi, Department of Veterinary Sciences for Health, Animal Production and Food Safety at the University of Milano, and Mr Stefano Paolillo, Sales Manager IRI-Infoscan, will talk about the economic scenario of the new food trends with a focus on vegan products

And vegan products and their composition, will be at the center of attention during the speech of Mrs Laura Piazza, Department of Science for Food, Nutrition, Animal Production and Food Safety at the University of Milan.


NutriMI is open to all professionals in the power industry and is a professional development tool for doctors, biologists, nutritionists, dietitians and pharmacists accredited CME - Continuing Medical Education.

You can subscribe to one or more of the forum sessions connecting to the official website www.nutrimi.it



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