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Hi Europe & Ni celebrates 10th edition with inspiring events programme

With healthy foods and beverages more in demand than ever before, Health ingredients (Hi) Europe & Natural ingredients (Ni) is adding new features that cover the expanding market’s reach into current consumer lifestyles.


Europe’s leading health, natural and nutrition show, Hi Europe & Ni, is celebrating its 10th edition with a move to a larger hall at Messe Frankfurt this year. From 27-29 November 2018, visitors will be able to access all of the show’s many features and live events under one roof. In addition, the Healthy Finished Products Expo will launch this year and Health & Nutrition Week will run once again, following a successful debut in 2016.

Located in the heart of Germany, the leading European market for health and nutrition, Hi Europe & Ni is the premier nutritional ingredients event, offering the best in business opportunities, networking connections, trend insights and product development solutions. The industry has evolved significantly in recent years and, as vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles move from niche to mainstream, the market is entering a new era of clean label food and beverage products with rising numbers of natural, organic, functional or “free from” claims. 

According to Euromonitor, products positioned towards food intolerance, fortified, functional, naturally healthy or organic are expected to enjoy global growth of 5 percent in retail value terms every year until 2020. In contrast, products with reduced sugar, caffeine or fat content will grow at just 1 percent. The “naturally healthy” sector is ripe for innovation: valued at €251bn in 2015, further growth of more than €63bn is expected by 2020.

Hi Europe & Ni 2018 will reflect this booming marketplace with numerous not-to-be-missed highlights. Spanning three days, the event provides a complete overview of the health and nutrition industries. International leaders in healthy food and beverage innovation will showcase the latest solutions for food and drink formulation and reformulation, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, organics, packaging, processing – and more.

This year’s conference will follow four main themes: 
Focus on Functional: what’s new in gut health, protein and naturally functional foods 
Clean, Natural and Transparent: developments in clean label, natural ingredients and the growing consumer demand for trust and transparency 
Reduce, Remove and Reformulate: solutions for sugar, salt and fat reduction as well as the latest in “free from” 
Personalising Nutrition: innovations in personalised nutrition for consumers at all life stages

In excess of 465 exhibitors are confirmed, including global players such as ADM, BENEO, Glanbia Nutritionals, Lonza and Naturex. More than 10,000 attendees from 94 countries are expected to attend and explore several themed pavilions: Organic, Natural, Free From, the Healthy Finished Product Expo, Expo FoodTec and country pavilions.

Health & Nutrition Week will run alongside Hi Europe & Ni 2018, offering a top-level thought leadership programme, starting on November 24. Working together with external experts from the food industry, academia, market research and more, organiser UBM has created an inspiring line-up of topical presentations and workshops. The Week includes, for example, the one-day Hi Future of Nutrition Summit on November 26, which will explore cutting-edge innovations that are likely to change the food and beverage industry. On November 27-28, the immersive, interactive Hi 5-Senses Conference will target all five senses via an insightful mix of keynote presentations, panel discussions and debates. Additionally, on November 29, it is the third year that women in the industry are invited to attend the Women’s Networking Breakfast to make connections and share advice - and for the first time this year, also men are invited to join. 

“Hi Europe & Ni is a true powerhouse for the industry,” says Julien Bonvallet, brand manager for event organiser UBM. “Attendees will find business opportunities that they simply won’t find anywhere else. As 2018 marks our 10th anniversary, we have put together an exciting programme of events, showcases and platforms for innovation, and have attracted an incredible array of exhibitors and expert speakers. We look forward to opening the doors and welcoming a record number of visitors.”

UBM’s main partners for Hi Europe & Ni 2018 are KSM 66, Mintel and Innova Market Insights. For Health & Nutrition Week 2018, UBM is working in partnership with IUFOST, ESSNA, ProVeg, StartLife and Smart Short Courses.

Free pre-registration is open, please visit:


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