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The human dimension of the pharmacy at Cosmofarma Exhibition 2019

The human relationship between pharmacist and patient among the main themes of the 23rd edition of Cosmofarma Exhibition


At a time of major changes for the world of pharmacy, with the entry of new players into the market, the relationship between pharmacist and patient / citizen becomes the key to meeting the new needs of the sector.

This will be the main theme of the 23rd edition of Cosmofarma Exhibition, scheduled in Bologna, from 12 to 14 April 2019, which will be divided into several conferences and workshops dedicated to pharmacists owners and collaborators, service providers, distributors, agents of trade, wholesalers, health professionals, pharmacologists and researchers, students and the specialized press, who will be present in Bologna to find out the latest updates on health and wellness issues.

In addition to institutional seminars, with insights on the political, economic and legislative scenario of the sector, scientific, with the involvement of doctors and scholars, and managerial, with ideas to make the pharmacy more competitive and implement a more strategic management, the theme of human relations will be developed in its most varied nuances. With the entry into the chain market and the development of online sales of pharmaceutical products, is the search for a comparison with a professional and competent operator who pushes the patient to go to the pharmacy.

From the latest market research, dermo-cosmetics is confirmed as a basic segment for the economic development of a pharmacy. In order to analyze the most relevant issues for the sector and to offer pharmacists suggestions and indications to make the most of the sector within their store, Cosmofarma 2019 will present on Friday 12 April Cosmetic Summit.

On the agenda, a focus on trends and market scenarios for dermo-cosmetic products sold in pharmacies, with particular attention to the issues of environmental sustainability and sustainable packaging. These themes are useful not only to manufacturers, but also to pharmacists, who must offer products which are srongly committed to eco-compatibility. . Nowadays it is fundamental to know how to set up the communication of your store in order to emphasize a policy of "zero waste" or the fight against hyper-consumerism.

Else Corp, a start-up specialized in new technological solutions for Virtual Retail and Cloud Manufacturing, will analyze the value of the pharmacist's expertise as an element to transform the patient / client's presence in a pharmacy into a positive shopping experience.

The LiguriAttori theater group will focus on the new communication possibilities of the pharmacist to present themselves at their best and have more tools to retain their customers.

Among the main requests of the patient, the need to have a customized product, specific to the needs of each individual, is certainly the key element of the development of galenic. Mauro Castiglioni from Sifap will focus in particular on the preparation of the cosmetic products in pharmacies as an opportunity to better respond to the client's therapeutic needs, using traditional techniques and new technologies to obtain more performing products.

As part of the customization of the dermo-cosmetic product, oncology cosmetics are for the pharmacist an example of the need to be able to customize the product based on the patient's problems. Federfarma Brescia and Oncos will intervene.

BOLOGNA HEALTH WEEK - Bologna returns to be the capital of health
From 10 to 14 April 2019 Bologna will bring together all professionals in the health sector during the Bologna Health Week, on the occasion of Cosmofarma Exhibition and Pharmintech, the event from 10 to 12 April dedicated to pharmaceutical production technologies and packaging - under the patronage of Federfarma Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna. The initiative involves citizens within the health and self-care sector, encouraging prevention and screening. The most important pharmacies in Bologna and the province will give the possibility to carry out examinations on specific conditions.

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