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Pest Management in Food realities: Internal Food Pest Specialist


Next 25 May 2022 Romani Igiene Ambientale and Almater Srl will organise the Online Webinar on: "Pest Management in agri-food realities: Internal Food Pest Specialist"

From 9 am to 1 pm Dr. Alfredo Gris Food Technologist expert in Quality Systems and Pest Management and Dr. Norman Rosi Quality Manager and Pest Management expert at Romani Igiene Ambientale Lucca will illustrate the Regulatory laws, the Voluntary Standards and all the Technical aspects Operating connected to the Pest Management services following of the most recent innovations in the field of Digitization, Technological Innovation and Operational restrictions in the use of Biocides.

The new version 7 of IFS Food has specified that even in the case of entrusting the service to external specialized firms, a person within the company is appointed and trained in order to monitor pest control measures, while the BRC standard v . 8 already requires staff to be able to recognize the signals associated with the presence of pests.

The aim of the course is to train an internal expert in pest management,
Internal Food Pest Specialist!
The course also provides the basic notions for the recognition of the main food pests as well as the adaptation of Pest Management in times of Covid_19 emergency.

• Outline of the biology of the main pests and recognition of the signs of an infestation;
• The role of the external firm;
• The role of internal managers in light of the Rev 7 IFS Standard: Service supervision and internal self-control;
• Pest Management and Covid 19: food for thought.

The course is mainly aimed at the following figures who work within certified agri-food companies and the agri-food sector: Managers of the self-monitoring hygiene and health system; Company quality assurance managers; Quality control staff; Laboratory technicians; Plant Management and production process managers; Department heads and shift managers; Auditor of health and hygiene self-control systems and management systems

Link for more information and details for registration to the Course 

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