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Green tea catechins reduces the glycaemic potential of bread
Green tea catechins are potent inhibitors of enzymes for carbohydrate digestion.
With thi aim, researchers from National University of Singapore investigated the potential of developing low glycaemic index bakery food using green tea extract.
Results of this study, published on Food Chemistry journal (180, 203-210, 2015) showed that addition of green tea extract (GTE) at 0.45%, 1%, and 2% concentration levels significantly reduced the glycaemic potential of baked and steamed bread. The average retention levels of catechins in the baked and steamed bread were 75.3-89.5% and 81.4-99.3%, respectively. Bread fortified with 2% GTE showed a significantly lower level of glucose release during the first 90 min of pancreatic digestion as well as a lower content of rapidly digested starch (RDS) content. A significantly negative correlation was found between the catechin retention level and the RDS content of bread.
The potential of transforming bread into a low GI food using GTE fortification was proven to be promising.

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