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New culinary textures from egg protein hydrolysates
Texture is a critical attribute that is essential to the overall quality and acceptability of most food products because, in addition to its relevance to mouthfeel, texture is also a property generally related to freshness.
Spanish Researchers published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science a work whose purpose was to obtain new textures from egg proteins by enzymatic hydrolysis, to diversify their applications in daily and haute cuisine.
Pasteurized liquid egg white, yolk and whole egg were hydrolyzed with a food grade aminopeptidase. Before enzyme inactivation, several ingredients were added, such as flavours and colours in liquid or powdered forms (salt, sugars, fruit or vegetal infusions). This yielded novel gels with various textures from smooth and creamy to rigid and light foams with a high foaming capacity and ability to re-incorporate air once collapsed, which were characterized by sensory and texture profile analysis.
The elaboration process proved simple and fast, allowing an optimum use of the starting material without by-products. It provided the means to improve the techno-functional properties of the egg as an ingredient and to expand its use in new recipes, as well as in the development of new food products, particularly suitable for people with chewing limitations or digestion problems, overweigh, obesity, or sensitive to dairy products.

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