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Utilization of pasta boiling water as a new food ingredient
A study published on LWT - Food Science and Technology journal, Turkish Researchers investigated production and using possibilities of powder of pasta boiling water (PMBW).
After cooking process of pasta, firstly pre-drying was carried out at 50°C in a drying oven and then lyophilization process was conducted to obtain final powder product. Physicochemical characterizations like total dry matter, ash, fat, protein, pH, aw and colour properties were carried out and also technological properties of sample were determined.
Both pasta boiling water and the final powder product were examined in terms of microbiological analyses. It was found that pasta boiling water had to be processed in 6 h after cooking if the cooking water was stored at room temperature. Also, the duration of 12 h after cooking was found to be limit level for microbiological safety of cooking water if it was stored at +4°C. Besides, scanning electron micrographs of particles and fatty acid and mineral profile of the final powder product were determined.
Pasta boiling water is a by-product having a lot of nutrients and in this study it was proved that utilization of this by-product may be feasible. The pasta boiling water can be used as a food ingredient and also as an enrichment agent.

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