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New premises for functional foods from nanotechnology

Iranian Researchers found that nanotechnology used with bioactive ingredient could reduce fortification difficulties and provide healthier functional foods.

The aim of the study published on the Journal of Functional Foods was to encapsulate rutin by nanostructured lipid carriers (R-NLCs), as a solution to eliminate the fortification difficulties and provide healthier functional foods. Rutin was loaded into food grade NLCs in different rutin to lipid ratios using high shear rate homogenization method. Colloidal properties of R-NLCs such as particle size, poly dispersity index, encapsulation efficiency, loading capacity, and encapsulation stability were studied. R-NLCs with a rutin to lipid ratio of 10% were selected as an optimum formulation.

Morphological studies have shown that R-NLCs are round shaped particles with smooth surfaces. The R-NLC fortified food samples and models were subjected to pH, physical and thermal stability, and turbidity analysis.

The results indicated that the developed R-NLCs could provide a method for designing new functional foods based on nanocarriers.


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