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Spent brewer's yeast extract as an ingredient in cooked hams

A study carried out by Researchers from Portugal and published in the journal Meat Science investigated the benefits of the use of extract of spent yeast inactive in the production of sausages, in particular of cooked ham.

The work describes the effect of the incorporation of 1% spent yeast extract into cooked hams; afterwards, physical/chemical/sensorial characteristics and changes during 12 and 90 days storage were evaluated on control and treated cooked hams processed for 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 or 3 h.

Spent yeast extract addition increased hardness, chewiness, ash, protein and free amino acid content. Similar volatile profiles were obtained, although there were some quantitative differences.

No advantages were observed for increased cooking time, as well as no significant differences were observed for physical and sensorial parameters of cooked hams with spent yeast extract at 12 and 90 days post production, but His, aldehydes and esters increased at the end of storage. This behaviour was similar to that observed for control hams. The higher hardness of cooked ham with 1% yeast extract was due to the stronger gel formed during cooking and was maintained during storage.

This additive acts as gel stabilizer for cooked ham production and could potentially improve other processing characteristics.

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