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Published in Applied Research
Fortifying milk with calcium nanoparticles increases bioavailability

A study conducted by the Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and Universiti Putra Malaysia, and published on Food Chemistry, suggests utilising calcium nanoparticles in homogenised enriched milk could increase the nutrient’s bioavailability.

Calcium bioavailability from two types of enriched (calcium citrate and calcium carbonate) milks homogenized to a nano-sized particle distribution has been studied among 48 female Sprauge-dawley rats. Skim milk powder was enriched with some essential nutrients (Inulin, DHA & EPA, vitamins B6, K1, and D3) as enhancers of calcium bioavailability according to recommended dietary allowances of the West European and North American. 

Ovariectomized and ovariectomized-osteoporosis rats were used as a menopause and menopause-osteoporosis model, respectively. Although, nano-sized enriched milk powders had the greatest calcium bioavailability among the groups, but bioavailability of nano-sized calcium carbonate-enriched-milk was significantly (P < 0.05) better than nano-sized calcium citrate-enriched-milk. Moreover, the trends were similar for bone calcium, strength and morphology. Therefore, based on the current results the calcium carbonate nano-sized enriched milk could be an effective enriched milk powder in ovariectomized-osteoporosis and ovariectomized rats as a model of menopause-osteoporosis and menopause women.


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