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Lotus rhizome powder as a novel ingredient in bread sticks

Lotus rhizome is a lesser known plant food having high medicinal properties. According to a chinese study pubished on the Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization (11, (4): 1795-1803, 2017), the addition of lotus rhizome powder (LRP) to refine wheat flour (WF) based bakery products may significantly enrich their nutritional composition. 

WF was replaced with LRP at 0, 10, 15 and 20% levels to study the rheological and baking characteristics. The mixing profile of the dough as studied using farinograph showed an increase in water absorption (56-58%), dough development time (1.3-2.27 min) and dough stability (5.58-7.43 min) with increase in the LRP. Pasting profile of the blends showed an increase in peak viscosity (699-829 BU) and break down values (336-385 BU), whereas the setback values (496-388 BU) decreased with the addition of LRP. Test baking was done to obtain the optimum level of replacement and processing conditions. The organoleptic analysis indicated that replacement of WF with LRP at 15% was optimum for making bread sticks of desirable sensory attributes. Bread sticks with LRP had higher total phenolic content (TPC) (1.06 +or- 0.03-1.22 +or- 0.20 mg GAE/g), total flavonoid content (TFC) (32.76 +or- 0.28-44.55 +or- 0.28 micro g QE/g DW) and DPPH scavenging capacity (44.76 +or- 2.01-65.62 +or- 1.11%) as against control.

In conclusion, lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) rhizome powder could improve the nutritional value of bread sticks and can be recommended as a functional ingredient in the food industry.



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