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Improvement of the fresh meat preservation by hyperbaric storage

Portuguese Researchers have compared raw fresh meat (minced bovine and pork in pieces) preserved by hyperbaric storage (HS) at room-like temperature (75 MPa/25°C) and HS at cold temperatures (60 MPa/10°C) for up to 60 days, being both compared to refrigeration (RF, 4°C). The results were published on Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

HS conditions showed microbial load reductions over 60 days of storage, leading to a possible shelf-life extension when compared to samples at RF. Moreover, between both HS conditions similar results were found at the 60th day, reaching in some cases values < 1.00 log CFU g-1. Overall, pH presented an increase with storage for both HS conditions (e.g. over 30 days, from 5.51 ±0.02 to 5.70 ±0.01 and 5.85 ±0.03, for 60 MPa/10°C and 75 MPa/25°C, respectively, on pork meat in pieces, PP) contrary to RF where pH values decreased (from 5.51 ±0.02 to 5.33 ±0.03). Regarding moisture content and drip loss, lower and higher values were found, respectively at 75 MPa/25°C, mainly in bovine minced meat. Overall, colour DELTAE* did not present considerable differences for both samples under all storage conditions. Lipid oxidation presented an increase tendency over time, with both HS conditions showing the higher values (1.795 ±0.217 and 2.169 ±0.117 for 60 MPa/10°C and 75 MPa/25°C, respectively, compared to 0.895 ±0.084 mug MDA g-1 in PP samples at the 30th day). 

In conclusion, although several advantages were found, further studies should be carried out in order to optimize the HS conditions for raw fresh meat and assess the impact of this preservation methodology on other meat quality parameters as for instance sensorial aspects.

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