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Making sulfur-free white wine through the use of alpha-pinene

Introduction. Because sulfur dioxide causes human health risks, including dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema, diarrhea, abdominal pain, which also widely used preservative in winemaking due to its well-known antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Today's consumers demand high-quality foods that are free from additives, microbiologically safe.

Purpose. With this in mind, the study led by Taiwanese researchers and published on the Journal of Food Protection uses the alpha-pinene to alternative the sulfur dioxide in the white grape wine fermentation model, and the parameter of white grape wine also analyzed. alpha-pinene is a fragrance monomeric compound derived from fruit aroma substances including grapes. Wine treated with alpha-pinene (0.3125%, 0.625%, 0.125% group) were compared with wines treated with sulfur dioxide.

Methods. The parameter (include specific gravity, pH value, total soluble solids, ethanol, percent transmittance, titrate acid, Lab, total pectin) between SO2 group and SO2 free red wine (alpha-pinene treat group) was studied.

Results. The transmittance of the alpha-pinene group (0.03125% & 0.0625%) is superior to the control group and the sulfur dioxide group. The percent transmittance and L (82-85), a (3.3-3.49), b (3.01-3.03) value show the significant difference in the alpha-pinene group (n=9, p<0.05). Addition of alpha-pinene or sulfur dioxide can effectively inhibit the browning of white wine storage at 180th days. Other parameters of white grape wine no differences were found in all groups.

The conclusions showed the alpha-pinene have the excellent antibacterial, antioxidant ability and also extending the browning reaction of white grape wine, demonstrated a good alternative material for winemaking.

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