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Novel methods of extending the shelf life of minced beef

Studies have been carried out to evaluate the effect of High Pressure Processing (HPP) and active packaging on the shelf life of raw minced beef. Results show that lemongrass oil based active packaging can extend shelf life by 2 days, while HPP application alone extended shelf life by 28 days. Synergistic effects between active packaging and applied HPP have been shown to extend shelf life of raw minced beef by as much as 52 days. Introduction. Shelf life extension has long been a major goal of the meat industry. Currently, producers use combinations of packaging solutions, storage conditions and food additives to minimize microbial spoilage. HPP has been shown to extend the shelf life of a variety of food stuffs and there is growing interest in the antimicrobial properties of essential oils. 

Researchers from the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast (UK) have published on Advances in Animal Biosciences journal a study where in order to identify the synergistic effects of both HPP and antimicrobial oil based active packaging on the shelf life of raw minced beef. Selected essential oils were screened for potential antimicrobial activity by means of disk diffusion assays. Following screening, three oils were selected: lemongrass, clove and cinnamon. Active packaging materials were prepared by applying appropriate concentrations of each oil on to food grade film. Minced beef (near sell by date) was purchased from local retail outlets and portions were applied aseptically to the prepared active packaging. Active packaged minced beef samples were then HPP-treated (0, 400 & 500MPA). Samples were stored at 4°C until required. Samples were analysed for aerobic and anaerobic Total Viable Count (TVC) and Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). Sampling continued until bacterial numbers had stopped increasing and/or reached approximately 1x1010 CFU/g. 

The results show that each active packaging treatment, alone, effected a significant (P<0.05) 2 Log reduction in aerobic TVC (after 7 days) when compared to a control treatment, though there was no difference after 14 days. Observed shelf life extensions using the HPP treatments were consistent with previous findings. Synergistic effects were observed when active packaging treatments were HPP treated. Here, the lemongrass oil active packaging treatment performed best with shelf life being extended by 18-24 days (400MPA), 48-52 days (500MPA). Similar results were observed for TVC anaerobic and LAB counts. 

In conclusion, the synergism between HPP treatment and active packaging significantly increased the shelf life of raw minced beef. Further studies investigating the effect on pathogenic organisms and sensory evaluation are required. Acknowledgements. The authors gratefully acknowledge funding from the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). 

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