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Comparison of the binding and gel properties between different edible gums and beef paste

In order to resolve the problems associated with the water loss, oil loss and loose structure of beef meat mince products, the effects of the binding between a gum gel and beef meat mince on the structure of mince products were studied by Chinese Researchers through setting up the blank control group, 3 g/kg guar gum group, 3 g/kg konjac group and 3 g/kg carrageenan group, and measuring the cooking loss, water migration, texture and microstructure (scanning electron microscopy). 

The results published in Modern Food Science and Technology showed that the cooking loss, total juice loss, water loss and fat loss of the guar gum group decreased by 2.44%, 5.93%, 5.92%, and 1.42%, respectively, compared with the blank control. The mince-binding ability of the three gums was in the order of the guar gum group>konjac group=carrageenan group > blank control group. The hardness of the blank control group was 27286.00 g, with that of the guar gum group, konjac group and carrageenan group decreasing to 32.33%, 55.58% and 83.30% of the blank group respectively. The a* values of the blank control group, guar gum group, konjac group and carrageenan group were 8.35,10.17,10.26 and 9.76, respectively. The T22 values of the plant-derived gums were smaller than that of the blank control group (p < 0.05), indicating that the degree of restriction upon proton movements increased after the addition of a plant-derived gum. In terms of microstructure, fat particles of the guar gum group and the konjac gum group were evenly distributed throughout the network, with almost no large voids. 

In conclusion: The 3 g/kg guar gum group had the highest mince-binding ability and exhibited the greatest impact on the structure.

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