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Effect of grape seed extract on quality of MAP packaged roast chicken

The purpose of the study carried out by Chinese Researchers was to screen out the appropriate concentration of grape seed extract solution and study the effects of grape seed extract combined with modified atmosphere packaging on the physical and chemical properties of roasted chicken during storage at 4°C. 

Samples were stored in 3 different packages: A (air packaging), M (modified atmosphere packaging, CO2/N2=40%/60%), and P (0.5% grape seed extract solution treatment combined with modified atmosphere packaging, CO2/N2=40%/60%). Microbiological analysis, pH, headspace composition, color, and lipid oxidation of roasted chicken were measured. 

The results, published in Poultry Science, showed that 0.5% is the suitable concentration of grape seed extract preservative for the storage of modified atmosphere packaged roast chicken. Compared with normal packaging (A) and single modified atmosphere packaging (M), 0.5% grape seed extract solution combined with modified atmosphere packaging (P) could effectively reduce the growth rate of total aerobic bacteria, Pseudomonas spp., mold, and yeast in roast chicken during low-temperature storage, reduce the lipid oxidation rate in roast chicken, and maintain the color stability of the product. This result could help the roast poultry processing industry to find more efficient ways to store and sell products. 

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