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How to extends the shelf-life of packaged beef steaks


Korean Researchers investigated the application potential of a newly developed chitosan/lauric acid edible coating in preservation of fresh beef under refrigerated storage and aerobic packaging conditions. The results were published in Meat Science journal.

The 2 mm thick steaks were coated with 2% chitosan (CHI), 1 mM lauric acid in 2% chitosan (CHI/1 mM LA) or 3 mM lauric acid in 2% chitosan (CHI/3 mM LA), and over-wrapped in permeable film. Non-coated samples were used as a control (CON). Results showed that the inhibitory effects against the spoilage bacteria growth, volatile basic nitrogen formation and lipid oxidation of the chitosan coating was increased with the incorporation of lauric acid (p<0.05). More importantly, the incorporation of lauric acid almost completely protected the meat samples against the discoloration after 21 days of storage. The coating with chitosan or chitosan/lauric acid completely inhibited the formation of bacterial spoilage-derived volatile compounds. 

Overall, coating of chitosan containing 1-3 mM lauric acid could be a promising method in preservation of fresh beef to improve safety and quality under aerobic packaging condition. 

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