Food Executive

In this issue we publish two scientific studies: one on pulses as versatile raw materials for the production of bread and pasta, and the other on the pilot-scale production of non-immunogenic soluble gluten for celiac. 

We present the data that emerged from the 53rd International Council of Cereals last June and from the USDA bulletin of June on cereals, also proposing what Italmopa estimates regarding the national milling sector in 2020 and the trend in feed production for 2020 according to Assalzoo.

Let's review interesting international research on milling, pasta, bread and feed: Dutch researchers have developed corn varieties rich in carotenoids to combat vitamin A deficiency in sub-Saharan Africa; in a Turkish study, quinoa flour was used in the formulation of gluten-free pasta; the University of Florence has investigated the effect of the gradual addition of flour during kneading; Korean researchers have studied the effects of the introduction of vitamin C in the diet of laying hens.

Following machines, news, legislative updates and upcoming events.

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