Chiarini e Ferrari for “industrial systems 4.0”

The company Chiarini e Ferrari Impianti Tecnologici has been operating for 50 years in the market of electrical plants, medium voltage transformation cabins, generating sets and continuity, evolved electrical plant for fixed and mobile telephone systems, hospitals and airports.

It pursues the design, implementation and restructuring of process software in general for grains, plastics, flours, cereals, powders, granules, extruders, pallets and control and dosing, management and traceability software. To date, it has automated hundreds of plants in Italy and around the world.

The company studies solutions for energy, photovoltaic and cogeneration. In light of the new Law 232/16 (Stability Law 2017), it has been activated to make known, support and realize how every company that seizes this great opportunity decides to undertake.


Let's talk about this.


What is “industrial systems 4.0” plan

• To support and encourage corporations that invest in new capital equipment, tangible and intangible assets (software and IT systems) useful in the technological and digital transformation of their production processes.


The advantages

• Hyper depreciation: 250% overvaluation of investments in new tangible assets, equipment and technologies to enable 4.0-type transformation, whether purchased or leased.

• Super depreciation: 140% overvaluation of investments in new capital equipment, whether purchased or leased. Those who benefit from hyper depreciation can also take advantage of this tax break with investments in intangible capital equipment (software and IT systems).

• The benefit can be combined with:

- Sabatini Law

- Tax credits for research and development activities

- Patent box

- Incentives for enterprise capitalisation (ECAs)

- Incentives for investments in start-ups and innovative SMEs

- Central Guarantee Fund


Who is interested

• All holders of business income, including individual corporations subject to the IRI, with a registered office in Italy, including permanent establishments of businesses residing abroad, independently of their business structure, size and field of operation.


How to access it

• It can be accessed automatically during the drafting of the financial statement and through self-certification.

• The right to this tax benefit accrues upon making at least a 20% down payment by 31 December 2017 and if the delivery of the asset happens by 30 June 2018.

• For hyper depreciation investments above € 500,000, a sworn expert appraisal is required.


For more information, contact us +39 051734270, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chiarini e Ferrari Impianti Tecnologici - - Via 1° Maggio, 08 - 40011 Anzola Emilia - BO - Italy



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