Testing automation in the company before shipping, with simulators and test engines.

Chiarini e Ferrari Impianti Tecnologici, based in the Province of Bologna, is a leading company in the field of industrial plant and automation, both in Italy and abroad.

It studies and performs control and power panels, MV/LV transformation cabins and power generating sets, systems for automatic machines and supervision systems also remote with internal software development for PLC, machine board, high reliability electrical telecommunication systems - CED - banks, hospitals, airports, agri-food, energy saving and control and telemanagement.

Over the last twenty years, it has gained some experience in the field of feed, storage and cereal processing, product traceability and automation industry in general.

The Company is striving for research and development to manufacture plant components that improve machining processes on new or existing plants.

The service provided to the Customers begins with the design and engineering of the plant until its manufacture and maintenance over time.

Its qualified staff can support, during this period, those who intend to benefit from the benefits of INDUSTRIA 4.0 for access to the tax benefits of over-amortization.


For further information, please see the website www.chiarinieferrari.it

Contacts: e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. +39 051734270

Chiarini e Ferrari Impianti Tecnologici - www.chiarinieferrari.it - Via 1° Maggio, 08 - 40011 Anzola Emilia - BO - Italy



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