The Advantech automation system pyramid.

The food sector is today one of the most important industrial sectors of the Italian economic panorama. Rintrax is a 2nd generation MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system designed and developed by Hitech based on the specific needs of Italian companies operating in the food and beverage sector. It was created to maximize the efficiency of companies that want to undertake and / or have embarked on a path of growth and internationalization of their business, improving their level of service and creating competitive advantages.

Its functions allow in fact to manage in an optimal way, not only the administrative and commercial processes, but also all the needs related to the acquisition of goods, their storage, their transformation, quality controls, traceability and food traceability. (in full compliance with the "food law" EC 178/2002).

The Rintrax software, which includes a complete management of advanced logistics (with support of the "UCC / EAN-128" "SSCC" INDICOD standards), is also a fundamental tool for certifying the quality of the business processes of the related products throughout the integrated supply chain (ISO 2200).

Rintrax allows you to trace all the product steps between the various TCP (Traxability Control Points) from up to down, producing labels and traceability documents according to the INDICOD standards.


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