ACOPOStrak, the missing element for the factory digitalization

The flexible transport system for ultimate mass production that boosts your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), multiplies your return on investment (ROI) and accelerates your time to market (TTM).

Integrated and connected, exactly like any other moving part along the production lines, ACOPOStrak the missing element for a complete factory digitalization.

ACOPOStrak by B&R Automation is a revolution in adaptive manufacturing that extends the economy of mass production down to batches of small dimensions, even the batch size-one. Parts and products are transported quickly and flexibly, proceeding from station to station on shuttles programmed to move independently.

Even on complex topologies it is possible to move objects with maximum speed and acceleration profiles, routing each piece along an optimal path for the necessary machining operations and avoiding traffic jams, collisions and spilling that would damage the product and require a stoppage in line.

Its absolutely unique design, robust and modular, is perfect for use in regulated environments and, thanks to shuttles and diverters magnetically coupled, is not subject to mechanical wear, thus ensuring a very reduced and simplified maintenance. 

System availability and productivity go hand in hand with product quality and fault tolerance thanks to ACOPOStrak's intelligence and responsiveness.

It is now possible to produce small batches efficiently, by profiting from reduced costs and higher margins even on customized products and sets.


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