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The considerable commitment of Bonfanti technicians to finding simplified systems for the management of the dryers has enabled to create new software which makes the management of the various phases of processing much simpler. The use of a 12-inch colour touch screen panel is now the perfect interface for controlling the dryer: 10 function keys on the panel allow the operator to quickly change and select parameters. The connection by "lan" cable allows the use or movement of several control panels wherever the client needs them, either through the main control panel, or remotely via internet.

The graphics on the control panel give the operator important, accurate information, such as working temperatures, safety margins and cereal moisture values, thus offering rapid control and safe management.

The software now ensures complete control of the various phases of processing in total security, avoiding errors in management and any possible emergency situations.The self-correction program test phase was successfully completed: the software now checks all results, and if necessary automatically corrects the working parameters.

The software is now also able to alert the operator to the need for maintenance or cleaning, thus guaranteeing a longer and safer effective working life of the machine.



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