PCB Piezotronics and Temposonics® sensors for production process monitoring.

MTS Sensors delivers a high variety of sensing solutions through PCB Piezotronics and Temposonics® sensors.

The food and beverage industry uses different equipment like mixers, centrifuges, pumps, motors, air compressors, ovens, ventilation and conveying systems. Hereby, the condition of the equipment plays a crucial role and requires a proactive approach to monitor the machine health. PCB Piezotronics and Temposonics® offer a number of solutions specifically designed for these tasks in order to improve machine performances. Vibration monitoring is a key element when it comes to the wear and tear of the machine components. PCB vibration transmitters as well as accelerometers help to early identify developing equipment faults and allow a better planning of predictive maintenance. The sensors use ICP® technology to monitor machine health and help to increase the overall equipment effectiveness, reduce the downtime, keep inventory costs down, and allow an effective use of maintenance time. Position measurement plays an important role, for example in bottling lines. Here, the Temposonics® position sensors help to control the filling levels in bottles or tanks and due to the non-contact magnetostrictive technology, there is no wear and tear. Components that are used in the production of food and beverages have to comply with high standards as well as being made of special materials. All PCB transmitters’ and Temposonics® sensors’ housings and measuring rods are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel (316L) and they are resistant to degradation by chemicals or acidic products. The connections, with the correct cable assembly incl. an M12 or M16 connector, are IP69K-rated. The combined sensor solutions from MTS Sensors provide users the ideal combination of a streamlined production process and the advantages of predictive maintenance to guarantee a reliable and smooth operation.


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