Automated supply with VIS platform and each process step is recorded during its processing.

Reliable tracking of complex processes


From a level measurement point of view, flours are by no means easy to be measured. The Swiss company, Swissmill, knows it very well. It manages more than 120 different flours, and problems for a reliable level measurement are the creation of dust during filling, slightly of the dielectric constant, when the grain gets dry, mainly during summer seasons. The radar sensor for level measurement of bulk solids, VEGAPULS 69, measures the level efficiently and is not influenced by the creation of dust. 

The radar sensor operates with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz and an antenna aperture of 75 mm. This lets to avoid any internal installations on the silos. Thanks to its large dynamic range, VEGAPULS 69 can measure the tiniest of reflected signals. This feature lets, for example, to better manage bran, the product most difficult to measure due to dielectric constant influenced by the weather. 

Level measuring technology has a special task in stocktaking and related deliveries. not only the level in their own 200 grain silo cells, Swissmill also operates another 150 customer silos. Inventory visualization and management is managed on the web-based platform VEGA Invetory System. The software works in conjunction with instruments that continuously measure the levels of flours in storage silos. The advantages are different: avoidance of production stoppages, cost saving through optimized logistics and inventory management and the quick access to current and historical customer consumption data. Visualization of measurement data is easy and intuitive; data are displayed on screen, with graphs an tank symbols illustrating levels in the various tanks and silos that need to be supplied. 

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