La trasmissione wireless dei dati via Bluetooth consente la calibrazione confortevole dei sensori con smartphone e tablet.

Bluetooth solutions are being used more and more in industrial applications.


Wireless data transmission now enables convenient operation with smart phones and tablets, making it easier to configure devices that are difficult to reach or located in harsh environments

PLICSCOM is the pluggable display and adjustment module that can be used on any plics® sensor, regardless of the measuring principle or instrument generation. The addition of this new optional Bluetooth option into PLICSCOM allows a sensor to be remotely adjusted from a distance of about 25 meters away, and in some instances, even further. This modern, widely used communication standard allows convenient setup, adjustment, measured value display and diagnosis via smartphone or tablet.

In many production facilities there are measuring points that are extremely difficult to reach and often located in dangerous places. Cereal, flour and animal feed are often stored in tall silos. The level sensors are installed at the top of such containers. Climbing to the top in bad weather with equipment such as a PC, adapter, etc. can be a very difficult, if not dangerous, task.

This is often the case if technicians have to make adjustments on site. They may have to brave dust, heavy rain, strong winds, extreme temperatures and even snow to ensure optimal utilization of the facilities. With Bluetooth, such challenges can be handled from a safe distance, conveniently and much more cost-effectively.

The pluggable display PLICSCOM can be integrated also in the radar sensor for level measurement of bulk solids VEGAPULS 69. This sensor is used, for example, for level measurement and point level detection in the grain silos. In malt houses there are silos up to 20 metres and their filling generates a lot of dust. The level radar sensor VEGAPULS 69, with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz and an antenna aperture of 75 mm, has an excellent signal focusing able to measure in a reliable way during loading and unloading phases.

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