In the beer filtration process, VEGABAR ensures exact quantities in the kieselguhr dosing containers.

The brewery, which delivers far beyond Vorarlberg, produces a wide variety of beers. It is known especially for its state-of-the-art brewing techniques, strict hygienic standards and highly qualified employees. 

In general the company maintains traditional, proven methods, but does attempt to bring them up to date technologically. It is constantly investing in new technologies, like in 2011, in the new brewhouse.

The Vorarlberg brewer also has to think cost-effectively. Hence, the degree of automation is increasing from year to year; for example, almost everything in the brewhouse runs automatically nowadays. But not only are the primary processes becoming more and more automated, the secondary processes, such as bottling, are as well. While you usually have the freedom to choose the equipment and connections for new installations, you have to make the best of the situation with existing systems. One of the problems: many tanks in the brewery are certified. “Welding a nozzle for a new instrument type is often more expensive than the sensor itself. If you add the TÜV inspection, costs increase even more,” explains Christian Schneider, master electrician at Fohrenburg. So he always tries to use an existing vessel connection or a capillary tube to install a VEGABAR pressure transmitter. Such a measuring solution is practicable, reliable and ultimately justified in terms of price, too.

When trying to match a specific measuring task to particular environmental conditions, only direct communication between user and manufacturer helps. 

Reliable filtration
The result: in the meantime there are over one hundred VEGA sensors deployed in the brewery. Most of them operate as min./max. detectors and overfill protection in various tanks, but some are also used for continuous level measurement. A particular area of application is the dosing of diatomaceous earth, which is required for filtration. This whitish powdery substance is light and highly porous and binds to any turbid matter in liquids. For that reason it is used to clarify the beer. The diatomaceous earth forms a filter layer that retains turbidity, thus clearing the beer. In the dosing container with agitator, the quantities must exactly match. 

Pressure transmitters are used here for contents measurement. Previously, the diaphragms of the pressure measuring cells were damaged repeatedly by the abrasive diatomaceous earth. After switching to VEGABAR pressure transmitters with ceramic measuring cell, the sensors worked flawlessly.

VEGA sensors are also in demand for use in the fully automatic CIP systems for production line cleaning.

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