VEGAPULS 64 measures the level right down to the bottom of the storage tank.

But it's no longer only apples that are pressed, cut and pureed in the town of Gochsheim in the Franconia region of Germany. Throughout the whole year, they process domestically grown fruits, berries, vegetables as well as exotic tropical fruits and use them as the raw ingredients for their range of high-quality fruit and vegetable products. 

To meet the high quality requirements of customers, Mr. Thielmann makes it a habit to double-check all the raw materials and their subsequent processing. The company works closely with farmers in the region, who represent the first link in their supply chain. The varieties of fruit and vegetables delivered are carefully examined and analysed, because only fresh, uncontaminated produce can become an end product of the highest quality. A refrigerated warehouse with more than 12,000 pallet spaces ensures that the production facilities are fully utilized, even during low-harvest months.

The production methods must be continuously adapted to the different fruit and vegetable varieties, as well as brought up to date with new technologies. For example, carrots require a completely different type of processing than blueberries. They use state-of-the-art technologies and computer-controlled production processes to ensure the gentle handling of the valuable fruit and vegetable products, of whatever kind.

At the production site, hydrostatic pressure transmitters as well as radar level sensors of type VEGAPULS 61, 62, 63 and 65 from VEGA measure the level in numerous tanks. A total of more than 100 different VEGA sensors are now in use.

The newest radar sensor, VEGAPULS 64, is used in the carrot processing facility. First they are steamed so that they can be peeled more easily. The head pressure is controlled here with a VEGABAR pressure transmitter. The carrots are then mashed via a screw conveyor with a mill and heated in a trough cooker. A VEGAPULS 64 was installed at the end of this unit. It warns against overfilling, controls the input and feed speed, and monitors the emptying process.

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