The management and governance of the technical assistance at customer site

Any company that offers a technical assistance service to its customers, whether organized with adequate After Sales support or not, needs to integrate the always increasing number of requests for assistance, support, installation and maintenance with the limited number of available resources. All this with the aim of arriving at the maximum customer satisfaction and tracking the out-of-warranty activities, for rapid acceptance of the intervention and its consequent billing.

Hence the need to have tools that allow the planning of available resources and the organization of the activities to be carried out for each intervention, while tracking the evolution of the machine or system being serviced and expenses incurred during the activities.

Most of the companies with these needs must manage the activities carried out remotely by their department in an easy, immediate and low-cost way. At the same time, they also need to facilitate the technical interventions and to speed up the consequent reporting and billing to the customer.

Finally, the management of the expenses incurred by the technicians during their activities plays an important role, since these costs often have a significant impact both on the operating and the administrative departments, causing also waste of time. A sort of “plus” will thus consist in having a tool that allows a quick reporting of the costs incurred, automatically linked to the assistance carried out by technicians: this would help in saving cost and time.

Let’s add a final consideration about the timing … each information must be available immediately, in Real Time. We could not be satisfied with a tool that records what happens during an intervention and then transfers it to the company's head office on a deferred basis. Everything must be accessible online and from multiple devices. No more paper, all digital and all mobile. Tablets and Smartphones must be the main supports for an instrument with flexibility and ease of use.

For this purpose, Elfo has designed Astro, a software solution which helps companies with the planning and organization of the customer assistance, managing the intervention reports and reporting the technicians' expenses.

This works thanks to three specific tools:
- Astro Plan, to plan interventions, associate technicians, control the resources workload manage activities overlapping
- Astro Report, to manage intervention documents, track all the activities occurred, attach any picture to assess issues or problems, gather customer’s approval using a digital signature
- Astro Expenses, to record the expenses incurred during an intervention (with currency exchange calculated in real time) and manage the administrative approval

Astro can be both deployed in the Cloud and installed on Premises at customer site. It can be used from any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

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