Arianna: don’t lose the thread


Arianna is the perfect software to manage the VDL (Vendor Document List), from its creation until the delivery, without errors, problems or delays.

The most innovative aspect of this tool is the ability to automatically deliver tasks to the dedicated offices. This makes this process fast, simple and accurate. After the creation process, Arianna can send the documents to the customer, submit them for the approval and receive feedbacks. If the feedback is negative, the system analyzes them and sends back the documents to the competence offices for their correction.


A complete overview of the progress of all the documents ina single page. This view is can be customized and includes a summary of all the information that the Document Controller needs.

When the job is complete, Arianna automatically sends the documents to the customer, gives the possibility to analyze them and send comments. In case of positive feedback, the system declares the work completed and archives it. If not, it identifies the sections that do not comply with the customer's requirements and sends them to the relevant technical departments.

It is a versatile, easy and intuitive software, adaptable to the needs of each company, to the EPR system and the everyday user’s tools.

The privacy and protection of company information are guaranteed by precise user profiling. Each employee has access only to documents related to their area.

For more information, visit or call +39 0523 985898

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