Automation paradigms in the food sector as seen by TSK


TSK has been operating in the field of industrial automation since 1992 as a distributor of electronic components and over time has gained a deep knowledge of the needs of the production sector and of the complex set of customs and peculiarities that characterize the sector.


TSK can provide targeted advice and effective solutions through the employment of products of the best brands; this makes TSK a supplier that offers different levels of partnership: from pre-sales activities – preliminary analysis, technical inspections and feasibility studies – up to after-sales with installation and use of the products, passing through the supply of the components.

Here are the main automation paradigms with which TSK deals with:

1. Traceability of production batches through the use of bar codes
The use of specific devices for the production environment, easy to manage for operators, and which allow predictive maintenance, is essential for those line needs that need to interface proactively with production progress and management software (MES and ERP).

2. Operator safety
TSK offers devices to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas and ensure safety for operators inside the production line or goods handling zones.

3. Packaging quality control
The production standards of the packaging sector require accurate and rigorous controls, and therefore very challenging: from the verification of presence/absence of expiry date and batch information, up to the dual function of the packaging, that at the service of the marketing which uses it as a vehicle for brand promotion.

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