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The new gluten free oat drink (Professional).

International Food, a company specialized in the production of plant based drinks for over 30 years, presents different products on the market under its own brands and as private labels. The careful selection of raw materials through a controlled and certified supply chain ensures high standards of quality and safety, while the R&D department is daily engaged in the formulation of innovative recipes. 

Since a few months a gluten free oat drink (brand Professional) is available, aimed to the coffee shop world, for the preparation of vegan cappuccino with a perfect frothing and a creamy and persistent foam. Suitable for lactose intolerance, easily digestible and with a soft and delicate taste, it can be drunk at breakfast or for a snack. Oat does not contain cholesterol and has a low fat content. It has a good concentration of betaglucans, soluble fibres with prebiotic activity that give a prolonged sense of satiety. Numerous studies have shown that oat is rich in avenanthramides, a class of polyphenols with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. The proteins are characterized by the essential amino acid lysine and by the "avenine" prolamine which has a low toxicity for celiac subjects, depending on the variety considered. 

The Italian Celiac Association (AIC) advises caution regarding the inclusion of oat in a gluten-free diet due to the risk of contamination with other cereals during cultivation, processing and storage processes. However, in recent years we have been observing the inclusion on the shelves of many products with "gluten-free" label, subjected to strict controls and analysis, guaranteeing consumption without risk.

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