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DESTINATION QUALITY: the new handbook on how to determine the ideal moment for the harvest


DESTINATION QUALITY: how to determine the ideal moment for the harvest - FHD & DSH Methods


S. Parisi - 283 pag. ill. - Edited by Chiriotti Editori (Viale Rimembranza 60 - 10064 Pinerolo - TO - - Hardcover - 2020 - Price € 37.00 - ISBN 9788896027448.
Also available as ebook in Apple Store: Price € 13.99 - Italian-English-Spanish


The determination of the harvest period is one of the most difficult choices that a wine maker/wine producer has to face, because on it depends the destiny of the future wine.

The text "Destination quality: how to determine the ideal moment for the harvest" is thought by the winemaker Stefano Parisi to be a practical tool, but with solid theoretical foundations easily understandable, indispensable for making correct decisions. 

The handbook basically talks about three topics: why, how and when to define the ideal moment of the harvest; it explains the berries sensory analysis method, improved by the author in the last thirty years of work both, in Italy and abroad; it presents practical methods that allow you to make quick and effective decisions for the making of excellent wines. 

A winemaking strategy is necessary to enhance the positive characteristics, creating repeatability over time with an increase in quality and preventing the risks of taste-olfactory defects.

The analysis are not sufficient, although necessary, of total acidity, phenolic maturity, profile of the organic acids, carbohydrates and K+ ion; indispensable is to understand how to make a correct sampling of the berries and proceed to the visual, tactile and gustatory examination of the pulp and skin. The text describes the two methods developed by the author: Fast Harvesting grapes Determination (F.H.D.), which offers a synthetic, practical and effective assessment taking into consideration only three parameters: the dominant aromas, the astringency of the tannins and the bitter sensation. The second method is the Differentiated Sequential Harvest (D.S.H.) which consists in collecting the grapes in several stages, in order to follow several oenological projects at the same time and therefore different fermentation methods, concentrating the remaining grapes on the vine: for example, with the Sangiovese grapes, a first harvest at the beginning of ripening to obtain a  “base sparkling wine”, a second harvest with not ripen grapes, for the" rosé wine" and a third harvest with ripe grapes for a "red for aging ".

The operating handbook is divided into three parts: Italian, English and Spanish.à

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