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“GenialMente Freddo”, the new book by Leonardo Di Carlo for Chiriotti Editori

Leonardo Di Carlo breaks the schemes again and burst in the sector with a new manual of almost 1000 pages, and over 1000 recipes, to plumb the depths of subzero pastry and gelato infinite potential, including semifreddi, mousses, Bavarians, gelao, sorbets, granitas, popsicles ... sanctioning an indissoluble logical thread with its two previous titles, “Tradition in Evolution” and “Evolution in Revolution” (Chiriotti Editori).

In GenialMente Freddo, between theory and recipes, each page develops according to the operational approach that is the basis of the Author's vision: every detail must be reasoned, questioned and connected, in a succession of calculations, schemes, parameters and production methods, with cross-references and infographics, and practical and step-by-step examples.

This volume is not a simple recipe book, but an exhortation and a stimulus to widen the horizons and the mind, learning to master the technique and to know the ingredients. By creating their own applications and interpretations, thanks to the theoretical and practical cultural heritage dispensed by the Author. 

Until November 10th, the book “GenialMente Freddo” is on presale at the special price of  €140, with the author's autograph, on our online store here.

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Food and food hygiene
Gelato fibers 
Vegetable drinks
Lab made semi-finished products
The PAC in gelato
The gelato
The gelato in restaurants
The sorbet
The granitas
The popsicles
The semifreddi
Bavarians and mousses
Defects, errors, solutions
Issues, variations and infinite combinations
Ingredients and values

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