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Efficiency and safety of cereal dryers by Bonfanti

The continuous development and work in the agricultural sector of cereal trading has driven Bonfanti technicians to find solutions that ensure a high degree of efficiency and safety.

The necessity of processing cereals which are not completely cleaned and very damp, has allowed the company to develop a new internal distribution system and control system of the air temperature during operation inside the drying column .Thanks to the insertion of special devices that can eliminate any small residues which could cause a fire and to careful air distribution in the heating chamber, they have achieved operating safety with all types of cereals, including oily seeds such as soybean and sunflower. The possibility of switch off one drying step allows to guarantee operational and work safety unparalleled in the modern drying market, without fire risk. For an even more accurate control and in the search for quality, new temperature control sensors have been placed in the most important positions, allowing us to control the efficiency of the dryer, the hot air distribution, and the maximum operating temperature in the various sections.



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